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Victorex Website Hosting Services
Victorex operates a high-performance LINUX server located at a server "farm" in Baltimore, Maryland. This environment includes physical and electronic security, backup battery and generator power, and multiple high-bandwidth connections to the Internet "backbone." Spare equipment and 24-hour-per-day technical support is present, to provide the very highest in reliability and up-time. The most recent production release of the highly-acclaimed Apache webserver software runs on this server.

Vacation Rental Managers and Timeshare Resorts are invited to move their existing websites or to establish new websites on this highly-reliable webserver. Rates start at $25.00 for static websites with up to five E-mail boxes.

Full support is provided for CGI- (Common Gateway Interface) enabled software, including Perl and PHP scripts. It also includes full support for POSTGRESQL. This server was configured to provide the services needed to support online reservation services, including the requisite exchange of information between the webserver and any "in-house" computer reservation system.

As an adjunct to it's webhosting service, Victorex has the technical and management ability to customize its service to the specific needs of its webhosting customers. All data on this server is backed-up on a daily basis, and stored on a computer at another location, where it would be immediately available should some disaster befall Baltimore.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your webhosting needs with you.

Victorex, Inc.
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