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Victorex Software
Victorex software for Vacation Rental Managers and Timeshare Resorts has been designed with one principle goal in mind: To make it easy to connect vacationers to the perfect vacation home and condominium, whether it be for a two-night rental or full ownership of one or more shares of a shared-ownership property.

Victorex provides software packages and solutions in two broad categories: Software for Internet webservers and reservations and management software for traditional "in-house" computers. Our reservations and mangement software is known as the Resort Property Management Reservations System (RPMRS), and is in use at some of the leading resorts in the western U.S. Equally important, we have lots of experience in getting "in-house" computers to "talk" to webservers, so that property availability and reservation information can be exchanged on a "real time" basis.

Please visit our Online page for information about "RPMRS On The Web."

Internet Vacation Rental Search Engine
  • Fast - usually returns results in less than three seconds
  • Easy to use - Only three input fields required
  • Best quality, least-rented properties are shown first. Rewards owners of best properties, but also balances occupancy between similar properties.
  • Only properties available during period requested are shown. Doesn't raise, then dash, expectations of website visitors.
  • Shows most pertinent information about each property on availability list, to help website visitor quickly find the vacation home or condo that best meets his or her needs.
  • Proposes alternatives when no properties meet selection criteria: Larger or smaller property, alternate locations, alternate property type (condo vs home), alternate dates, longer stay to meet special minimum stay requirements.
  • Handles seasonal minimum stay requirements, and can automatically reduce minimum stay requirements for close-in reservations, as a yield management tool.
  • Where allowed, accepts less than minimum stay reservation requests that exactly fit available "windows," as another yield management tool.
  • Maintains its own logs, separate from traditional server logs, to help analyze request patterns (and where demand is not being satisfied). Website activity can be monitored from any browser on a real-time basis.
  • Automated exchange of information between webserver and "in-house" reservation systems. All rates and property descriptions entered in the in-house reservation system (RPMRS) are automatically propagated to the website. No additional manual input or special webmaster services are required.
  • Can be easily adapted to most webservers and Vacation Rental websites, without the purchase of non-Victorex software packages.
  • Visit the Lake Tahoe Accommodations website to experience our search engine in action. Click on the light blue rectangle just below the phone number, just left of "specials" on the left side of the page to activate our vacation rental search engine.
Resort Property Management Reservation System (RPMRS)
  • Complete property management system for Vacation Rental Managers
  • Includes reservation system and related accounting functions
  • Full set of delinquency and guest reminder letters
  • Housekeeper schedules and cleaning work sheets for housekeepers
  • Hottub cleaning schedules, with subsidiary reports by hottub cleaning company
  • Guest check-in and check-out, with due and overdue reports
  • Daily arrival and departure schedules, and units occupied reports
  • Guest names and addresses and rental history maintained as long as is useful
  • The industry's best management reports provide the timely information managers need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business and to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising programs
  • Mailing labels can be created for selected categories of renters and for owners
  • Supports long-term (month-to-month) reservations, without requiring separate reservations for each month
  • One owner can own multiple properties, without being entered in owner file multiple times
  • Automatically allocates revenue and expenses when ownership is transferred, even if the transfer occurs mid-month.
  • Supports optional "office" file, that allows resorts with multiple offices to provide "by office" reports at the remote sites, while still allowing full and instant access to the consolidated data at "headquarters."
  • Supports automatic interface to Navis Technologies OMS housekeeping system. When used with Navis phone system, RPMRS provides up-to-the-minute housekeeping status information on all properties.
  • Supports automatic interface to Navis Technologies telephone calling plans, allowing toll-free telephone calling from properties when property occupied by authorized guest.
  • Supports automatic interface to Navis Technologies "dashboard" contact management system.
  • Provides monthly billing reports for CSA Travel Protection when selling CSA travel insurance, and automatically sends a billing file to CSA on a monthly basis.
  • Automatic processing of credit card charges with using the gateway.
  • Automatically updates webserver as changes are made to the unit and reservation files
Shared-Ownership (Timeshare) Add-On
  • Owner calendar file supports fixed, rotating, floating and point-based Timeshare plans, including Fractional Shares, and odd & even programs.
  • Supports mixed usage, some properties can be single-owner, others can have any combination of ownership plans.
  • Supports formal internal time exchange programs
  • Supports RCI and other external exchange programs
  • Automatically processes RCI SPACEBANK deposit and inbound guest data downloaded from RCI's website using RESORTLINK2000.
  • Weeks deposited into the rental pool become immediately available for rent, without requiring reservationists to be familiar with Timeshare calendars.
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