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Victorex Services
Victorex provides more than standard software packages. We customize, adapt, and configure our software to meet the exact and full needs of our customers. And, when our existing software isn't adequate for the needs (with rapidly changing technology and business models, this is a frequent occurrence), we write new software to accompish the assigned task.

We are competent and knowledgeable of a wide variety of computer systems, from old DOS-based PCs to all versions of WINDOWS PCs through WINDOWS 2000, Novell networking, SCO Open Server 5.0 UNIX, Red Hat LINUX. and the venerable Alpha Microsystems Operating System running on Alpha Micro computers.

We are highly knowledgeable of Apache webservers, whether running on UNIX, LINUX or WINDOWS NT/2000 computers, and with all the standard TCP/IP protocols. As needed, we can write programs in BASIC, C, assembly language (AMOS only), Perl, JavaScript, Korn Shell (KSH), Bourne Again Shell (BASH), PHP, and other languages. We are highly proficient in the use of HTML for webpage design.

We stand ready to program or customize software to meet your specific needs, providing your needs relate to resort industry reservations and property management issues.

We can also bring our resort industry and computer software and hardware knowledge and experience to bear on your computer systems problems in a consulting mode, in which we provide you advice and information to help you in your important decision-making processes.

We look forward to discussing your specific needs with you!
Victorex, Inc.
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