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Victorex has two "online" products. The first is our Internet search engine that has been designed specifically for Vacation Rental websites. It has been in use at Lake Tahoe Accommodations for several years, and continues to be improved to meet the evolving and demanding needs of Internet e-commerce. Please Click on Software (to the left) for more information about this product.

Our second "online" product is based on our proven, highly capable, easy to use Resort Property Management Reservation System (RPMRS), which will soon be available as RPMRS On The Web. (If you can't wait, call us or e-mail us to learn how you can get a quick peek now.) This means Vacation Rental Managers and Timeshare Resorts will be able to implement this software in their offices and resorts without the usual investment in software and hardware that is usually required for a new software package. The only hardware requirement will be standard Internet-enabled PCs. For resorts with multiple offices, this provides all the advantages of an Wide Area Network (WAN) with little or none of the communications costs normally associated with a WAN-based reservation system. Please call us at (603) 428-8200 to learn more about the availability of this new Victorex service.

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